Sat Jun 1st 2024
Substance at the Spice of Life
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London W1D 5NA
Doors:7.00pm Admission:£8 in advance / £10 OTD

Desert Clouds
Desert Clouds
Desert Clouds is a London based, Alternative Psychedelic-Stoner Rock band that aims to the pure artistic expression, while either composing and performing. Their sound goes from warm and atmospheric to distorted and aggressive, sometimes enriched with acid dissonances and psychedelic arrangements. Founded by David Land and Val Wallace in 2008, Desert Clouds were always inspired by brotherhood ideals. Anchored to their friendship and the (World's forgotten) will of sharing, they "survived" several line up changes.

Desert Clouds debut (2015) in London as a trio, with the dark and introspective semi-acoustic album "The floating Oar", with its Psychedelic Blues/Folk songs and dark ballads. Once the drummer Andrea Orabona joined the band, they were able to add distortions and groove to the sound, bringing their genre to its full expression.

Among the band's influences you can spot Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Syd Barrett, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Dirty Three, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, QOTSA.

Two productions have followed the new line up: the EP "Beyond the Cage" (2016), produced at the IDO studios, and the EP "Time Distorions" (2017), produced at The MIX ROOM studio. The last single "Under Tons" has been released on the 4th of May (2018), produced at the MIX ROOM Studio.

Archie Thornhill
“featuring catchy riffs and thought provoking lyricism that resonates deeply”- Underground Sound.

Archie Thornhill is a musician based in London, Soho. He’s constantly gigging and on the rise with fresh new music. Taking indie rock and saturating it with elements of jazz creating a fresh new take on the indie scene.

Escaped Roots
Escaped Roots
West london outfit Escaped Roots pride themselves on delivering an ear-catching show with solid riffs, catchy hooks and memorable tunes.

Fusing rock, blues, folk and soul into their sound, the fourpiece hit the stage with melody and storytelling at the core of their songs.

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