Sun Apr 23rd 2017
Substance presents "The Secret Rapture"
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London WD1 5NA
Doors:6.00pm Admission:£4

Our headliners GROK will be playing their set as we show the silent film " Earth " by the director Dovezhenko .......Not to be missed.

GROK have no songs
All GROK songs are improvised and spontaneous, performed or recorded without any prior planning or rehearsal.

There are no mistakes in GROK
GROK's approach has a vital, dynamic, unstructured feel. In GROK a chance hook can form the basis for a repeated refrain, or a meandering atmospheric can suddenly burst into a three minute pop song.

GROK is for everyone
GROK provide a counterpoint to the labouring songsmith. They explore randomness and opportunity while avoiding the pitfalls of indulgence or inaccessibility.

GROK performances
All GROK songs are one-shot affairs, never to be repeated. No GROK gigs are ever the same.

Vinna Bee
Vinna Bee
Vinna Bee represents the musical / artistic & lyrical visions of“Sian Vinna Bevan”.

Her first EP “Treasures of the Apiarist” was released in the summer of 2013 by fledgling Hampshire, UK, Indie label “Quatre Femmes Records” who described the sound as haunting, Jazzy, folk, electronica, eccentric?

The "odd jerky beats" and “On topic” lyrics were what drew "Quatre Femmes" to work with Vinna Bee.

This EP of cautionary tales was inspired by personal experience gained from living within the landscape and coastline of the Atlantic, Irish and Pacific oceans.

A further track appeared on Quatre Femmes seasonal EP "Time to wrap up" later in 2013.

"Eldorado Omega” Vinna Bee’s second EP released on “Clearwing” in December 2014, offers a more experimental version of her brand of pop folk electronica. One reviewer wrote… Fans of electro, pop, folk, avant-garde music, will love the alternative leanings and eclectic instrumental deliveries throughout.

Her third and new EP "Hypnagogia" (released on "Clearwing" September 2016) goes much deeper into electronica. In support of this Vinna Bee has a new live show and can be seen across the UK and US in support of this release (see calendar) .

"There’s a Quirky element to Vinna Bee’s music that you just can’t put a handle on, eclectic and experimental in a liberating way" - Bethan Elfyn BBC Wales

Tale of Sand
Tale of Sand
Jazz infused melancholy on a baron, stark horizon.

Dance the dance macabre....ride the carousel.

"A melancholic slice of awesome."
"Creepy, chilling sound. So good, so interesting, so different."
(Alex Baker, KerrangRadio)

Robyn Lowe
Robyn Lowe
Robyn Lowe has one of those unforgettable voices that will remind you of some of the great songwriters of the 1970s, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel and Carly Simon. Full of soulful searching and grace, she delights and engages her audience.

Simran Ahira
London based singer/songwriter

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