Fri Aug 4th 2017
Substance presents " The Long Good Friday "
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London WD1 5NA
Doors:6.00pm Admission:£6

Genre: Electro Rock Noise...Stuff

Evil Edna
Evil Edna
Rambunctious London based rockabilly/harmonica booze-blues band.

"Just three people kicking up an instrumental storm ..... blooming marvellous ...... Real proper tight, original playing .... It's the kind of commitment and attitude that you can't fake, people can concoct music until the cows come home on a laptop in their bedroom, but the playing of a real band just interacting with each other is unfakeable, fantastic track."

- Tom Robinson; BBC 6 Music, speaking about Petrichor.

"From album’s opening words ‘something for your mind, your body and your soul’ the first track develops and soon captures the intensity of their live shows. Guitar, bass and drums not so much battling it out for pole position, but allowing each other to take the lead and set the pace when required. They describe their record as ‘an aural tour of the band’s city by night; its ugliness and beauty fusing together into something spectacular, the mundane becoming fascinating, the tedium evaporating into the sky’."

- Keith Jobey,

"Think the lo fi guitars of Fugazi or Sonic Youth coupled with the relentless rhythm of Battles or Russian Circles. Refreshingly the instrumentals are never defined by their lack of a vocal tying everything together"

- John Helps, Great Central.

The Grey Man
A London based singer/ songwriter

Little Boy Lost
Little Boy Lost
Little Boy Lost are a British modern folk band formed in London in 2014. The band consists of Cochise Derrick (guitar/vocals), Spencer Lovell (guitar/vocals) and Alex Palmer (lead vocals). The group became Little Boy Lost after Cochise and Alex met Spencer during an open mic.

Since forming the band have performed at several popular London music venues and are currently in the process of recording their first EP ‘Warm Against The Cold’. Their music has been described as a mixture of modern folk, rock and pop resulting in intimate ballads with delicate harmonies alongside striking chords with pained lyrics, both working together to create an emotionally engaging experience.

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