Sat Nov 4th 2017
Substance @ The Spice of Life
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London WD1 5NA
Doors:6.00pm Admission:£6

Dr Lockharts Midnight Soul Train
Dr Lockharts Midnight Soul Train
Dr Lockhart welcomes one and all upon his succulent soul train of jazz, motown, swing, blues and funk. Jump aboard and ride through the night to the smoothest grooves from six decades of classic feel-good music.

The Midnight Soul Train is a fun, fresh, four-piece jazz-soul quartet, featuring piano, bass, three-part vocals, jazz-kit, scat-flute and saxophone. The musicians behind the Soul Train have years of experience including studying music in the top schools around.

Dr Lockhart wants only one thing - to make you feel great, so what are you waiting for? Come and take a ride on the soul train and see where it takes you..."

Charlotte Enegren
Swedish singer-songwriter with blues, jazz, rock, soul and pop influences.

“April has an astonishing voice. It is clear and direct. She hits notes dead on and effortlessly glides across octaves. Accompanying herself with only an acoustic guitar seems fitting. It puts the focus on her singular voice, providing just enough of an anchor to get a sense of chord progression beneath the melody.” - SOUNDCLOUD

"April is a story teller. Branching out from the acoustic songwriter mould, April is a contemporary vocalist with a tale to tell. Her songs are a journey with incredible hooks and melodic twists and turns. Bottling this emotion and prose into catchy Nu Folk Hits Hollie is a star in the making." - STEVE CHRISANTHOU

"It's impossible to not enjoy the touches of melodies, guitar licks and misty background noises playing behind the direct singing of April." - EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME

"A smouldering and climactically sultry embrace for ears and imagination... a delicious evocative caress of drama and emotive seduction which whilst reinforcing the already impressive presence of April, her vocals spellbind ears and thoughts immediately, flirting with the imagination." - RINGMASTER

"I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about her voice which makes you just want to listen, that intangible all music fans understand." - THE MUSICAL OUTCAST

James Taplin
James Taplin
Started singing.
Went to school.
Learnt to sing.
Went to Bible school.
Learnt to play guitar.
Became bar-tender.
Went nuts.
Became musician.

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