Sun Sep 11th 2022
Substance presents Hair of the Dog
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street Soho London W1D 5NA
Doors:6.00pm Admission:£7 in advance /£9 OTD

Sam Brothers
Sam Brothers
Sam Brothers is a 23 year old singer-songwriter, performer, based in Canterbury, on the South Coast of England

Blue Mar
Blue Mar
Shining at the forefront of the music scene, Blue Mar embarked on an innovative music career in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. From an early age, Blue Mar always knew that music was life’s calling, and set out on a mission to become a respected solo artist.

Blue Mar (F.K.A Marcelo Deiss) is a LA based artist whose music dances between gritty guitar and nostalgic/vintage sounds. His music details themes about social alienation and human condition in subjects like greed, hypocrisy, absurdity and despair. To bring light to these issues, he uses a lot of tongue-in-cheek phrasing and elements of dark humor. The listener may find themselves singing along to the whimsical melodies without realizing that the lyrics are in-depth and meaningful.

Through the rawness of his music and the sheer gravity of his lyrics, the Brazilian artist is creating music to stimulate emotions.

Rachel Barror
Rachel Barror
Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and now living in London. Rachel’s sound could be described as ‘hauntingly melancholic with a raw edge ‘

Her background in classical training has served her well as she sets out on a musical quest to ditch the big productions and get back down to the nitty gritty, stripping it all back.

Having toured extensively around Asia and Europe, she came back to London to work with various producers as a featured artist and top liner. Despite having had success with the likes of Sony music (top ten track in Ireland), Spinnin’ Deep, Sweat it Out Records, Rachel has pared it all back down and started writing on the piano again

Misa defines herself as a "storyteller". She keeps an eye on the past with multiple influences ranging from experimental rock to electro pop. Her artistic project is a fusion of several musical genres, a nostalgia for the past combined with futuristic sounds and beats.

Hailed as “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020”, Trip hop artist Misa takes you on a lyrical journey using a fusion of soulful melodies, dub grooves and acoustic beats to evoke the mind, reawaken the soul. Her thought provoking narratives captures themes such as love, heart break and memories of the past. With deeply emotive lyrics, Misa’s inspiration stems from a love of song writing, using breath-taking vocals and synthesised beats to rhythmically bring her stories to life.

From childhood, Misa developed a very personal perspective on the world and discovered her passion for music. Her first songs were born in high school. Her love for words and disturbing personal experiences fuel her prose.

The year 2020 is marked by the release of Broken Record, Misa's debut album. A compilation of 8 singles in three languages: English, French and Arabic (her native dialect, Lebanese)

"Misa is a London based singer/songwriter who has been hailed as “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020” with her fusion of soulful melodies, dub grooves, and acoustic beats. Using the feeling and sounds of the music to bring her personal lyrics and emotive stories to life, Misa gives her listeners a unique and unforgettable experience. Alive & Gigging praised one of her tracks as “a hauntingly beautiful ballad reminiscing of that safe place you need to be” and Pitchfork said “Misa activates emotional rawness in “Think About Me’’. Buzz Music has given positive reviews focused on her singing abilities stating, “Misa’s infatuating vocal soar to their highest atmospheres”.” - The Music Butcher 

Named as ‘Five Unstoppable Female Artists’ by Atomix Vox.

“it’s a hauntingly beautiful ballad reminiscing of that safe place you need to be”
Alive & Gigging

“Misa activates emotional rawness in “Think About Me’’

“Misa’s infatuating vocal soar to their highest atmospheres”
Buzz Music

Mayfair Lady
Mayfair Lady
Grace aka Mayfair Lady is an Italian-American singer and composer who resides in Mayfair, London. From a young age, music has been her interest, growing from a hobby to a passion, a subject of studies and eventually maturing into a career.

From exclusive member clubs of Mayfair to open-sky bars of Havana, her music is known and highly regarded, for its originality and unique offering. Mayfair Lady's lyrics draw inspiration from her walks of life and tell captivating stories of love and betrayal, work and play, among other joys and struggles of a girl, living in a metropolis.

Being a talented composer, she not only writes her lyrics but also the music, giving the two a special bond. Self-admittedly, the creative process usually happens in unison, while her strong vocals give her creations life and leave the audience with a plethora of strong emotions.

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